The I-7000 series provides cost-effective protection and conditioning for a wide range of valuable industrial control signals and systems.

Our produst line includes sensor-to-computer,computer-to-sensor,digital I/O,time/counter,USB to RS-232 converter,USB to RS-485/422 converter,RS-232 to RS-485/422 converter,RS-485/422 repeater,RS-485 Hub,man machine interface,data display and application software.

The I-7000 modules are good for small I/O channels,while I-87K I/O expansion units are good for middle-size I/O channels.


‧More than 100modules are provided and more new modules are coming
‧Industrial Quality
‧Self-Tuner Design
‧Dual Watchdog Design
‧High Speed Isolated Repeater
‧'Smart' Device Design
‧I/O Range Programmable
‧Wide Range Power Input
‧Easy Mounting and Connection
‧Complete Software Environment
...and more